When we i go to Abreeza mall davao I always appreciate its landscaping. Maganda ang Choices ng species nang plants and the leveling and colors are ok. its fresh, new and di magulo tignan. So kanina first time namin to meet our Design 6 teacher he was a new teacher sa faculty namin.but hes just part time because he is also taking masters degree at San Carlos,Cebu. So every friday imbes 11:00am ang end time he said hes gonna dismiss us 10:30 because every weekend he has a flight to cebu from davao for his masterals(parang jeep lang na 7.50 ang pasahe. hahaha) . so as we asked ba or he just said that his first major landscape project is the whole landscaping of the Abreeza mall davao. (clap.clap.clap) Job well done sir PALMA!